Monday, September 15, 2008

New connections...

I've been meaning to post for weeks and somehow running out of steam before getting to it. Tonight's post is my first post in almost a month and lots has happened in the meanwhile. For one thing, I discovered BrushSpace, thanks to a tip from Jeff Hayes. A new networking site specifically for artists, it's mushroomed from about 200 members when I signed on about three weeks ago to well over 900 today. I've met a bunch of artists through the site and will tell you a little about them in a minute.

First, though, I want to say a big thanks to Jennifer Phillips, who's inspired me to try oil pastels. I don't have anything I want to share quite yet, but I think it's going to be a good fit for me. Jen has a fun blog, with a cool video lesson on framing an oil pastel. Through Jen's blog, I found Wakar over at Lightfast, with her wonderful discourses on art and life. I owe Wakar a big thanks for reminding me to see the Women Impressionists exhibit in San Francisco. It was excellent and surprising -- new to me is Marie Bracquemond, who outshines the other three women in the exhibit to my eye. I particularly liked a small black and white drawing of hers of a crowd with umbrellas descending a broad outdoor stairway in the rain. It is included in the exhibition book, but the reproduction loses all the depth and power of the original.

Back at Brushspace, I found (or more accurately was found by) Linda Lucas Hardy, whose colored pencil works are phenomenal. She's recently switched to oils, and they're just as amazing. I've also been amazed by the watercolors of Pablo Villicana Lara, who's almost a neighbor in this land of commuters. Pablo will be having a solo show in October and I'm hoping to get over to see it. Diane Hoeptner has a quirky sense for iconic images -- check out her Pinocchio and Yoda paintings!! -- and wonderful brushwork. Her floral work is equally appealing. Just today, I connected with Terry Rafferty. I love her paintings titled "Things you can..." -- so far she has buttons as things you can lose, and eggshells as things you can stack. I hope she has a few more of these fun ideas waiting in the wings. I found Otto Lange, whose blog is a fun read and whose website gets my vote for its excellent graphic design. His paintings and drawings cover territory from whimsical to edgy. Lastly, check out J.H. Lukens on Brushspace for some astonishing portraits and intriguing cityscapes.

Well, although I started this post at a reasonable hour, it's insanely late now and time for me to close. Hope you enjoy meeting all my new friends.


  1. How cool are YOU! Thanks for the mention and a wonder array of new artist's to browse. You have been very busy networking!
    I have yet to get my brushspace profile up and working...sigh.
    Can't wait to see those oil pastels! Or which ever medium you use I am sure it will be phenomenal!

  2. Thanks, Jen. Sorry to hear you've had problems with Brushspace. It is definitely in startup mode and having little glitchy moments.

  3. Hi Chris - I have to echo Jennifer here - thanks for the mention and your lovely comments on "Things You Can", as well as including me in your blogroll. Brushspace is an exciting place - I know some of the artists you've mentioned, but am looking forward to checking out the others!

  4. Hi Chris! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog and the upcoming show, I truly appreciate it. I hope that I can meet you there, I know it's a very long drive!

  5. Terry and Pablo,
    I'm so pleased to have found you through Brushspace. Pablo, I'll do my best to get to your reception on the 4th. It is a long drive, but not impossible!!

  6. Hey Chris!! Thanks so much for the mention, it's GREATLY appreciated. Would LOOOOVE to see some new paintings, ...please?! Diane (:


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