Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tools of the trade...

I've been putting in long hours on the watercolor showcase blog and now I'm about to take off to visit my parents. They're somewhat housebound this winter due to medical problems, and the Wisconsin winter has been particularly harsh this year as well, making things very difficult for them. If I don't end up living in the Minneapolis airport for a week because of weather, I'll be in touch, at least to post the next feature on Brush-Paper-Water. Until then, have a peek at the brushes, etc. that I used to paint the Asian pears. I have a spatter screen on order from Cheap Joes now, but last week, it was a matter of raiding the kitchen drawer! And no, I didn't steal Señor Terremoto's toothbrush! That's my art toothbrush -- Oral B, the choice of fine watercolorists everywhere!!


  1. I always love the rare opportunity of peeking in an admired artist's "bag of tools and tricks". Thank you and safe travels! I'll have to try the strainer. You're so creative. HUGS!

  2. Hi Sheila,
    Creative is just another word for desperate in this case!! But a real spatter screen is probably a better bet and you don't have to retire your kitchen tools on the chance that your paint leaves residue on the sieve.

  3. Have a safe journey, Chris. We'll be waiting here for you when you return.

  4. The pears are lovely - hope you have an excellent trip!

  5. Thanks for your comments, Rhonda and Jeff. Had a couple of great flights and it's a balmy 7 degrees F here tonight!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by both blogs and leaving comments, Mary. Always nice to get feedback.


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