Friday, June 19, 2009

Now appearing in Watercolor Artist...

Watercolor Artist (August 2009)
see page 52

WOW!! I got my copy of Watercolor Artist magazine a day ago and eagerly opened it to "Adventures in the Ordinary" -- the feature article about my work. I am so honored to be included in this excellent magazine.

I was thrilled when the editor -- Kelly Kane -- asked if I would be interested in being featured, and it was a delight to work with writer Meredith Lewis. When I saw the galley proofs back in April, I was jumping for joy over the flow of the text and the fabulous layout created by the graphics staff. They did a wonderful job. Hope you'll have a chance to take a look at it!! (Subscribers receive their copies before it appears in the stores. I'll give a heads up when I see it on the shelves of the local chain bookstores.)


  1. HUGE congrats, Chris! I'll be checking the shelves weekly until I find it!!

  2. Chris,
    Looking forward to seeing this on the magazine stand and will pick it up just like I did for the Artist Magazine I was wishing/hoping they would have dedicated more time and space in the last article and here it is my hopes/wishes fulfilled!!

    Great to see you getting the limelight you so deserve.

    Waiting on pins and needles till this comes out, boy oh boy I really need to look into getting some pillows to sit on while I wait.


  3. Thanks, Diahn!! I wish I could say when it will be available, but it seems to be at the whim of the bookstores to some degree.

    Hi Paul -- Thanks for all the compliments!! I'd suggest ordering the magazine online, but it would be more economical to sit on pillows!! ;-D

  4. I got my copy!!!!!! Congratulations on a terrific feature and well deserved I might add. It is one to read again and again.

  5. Thanks, Vicki. Glad you enjoyed the article!!

  6. congrats, Chris, well deserved!

  7. Reading your article made me proud of you - someone I "know" published in a national magazine!!! (even though we only have a blogging acquaintance).
    Great article, and your paintings photographed beautifully. I especially like the poured hollyhocks and the two images you had in the Richeson shows (Heirlooms and Morning Glorious). Even though you have had the images on your blog, it's so much better to "hold them in my hand" to enjoy them!
    I also read with interest how you are using Photoshop.
    You have a great range of ability, from your light filled pours to your low key cactus and implements.
    You deserve to be proud of yourself - and I cannot wait to see what else you have in store.

  8. Thanks very much, Deb!! I appreciate your thoughtful and supportive comments.

  9. Congratulations Chris, although I do not get the magazine here in Germany, but I am sure it is a great article. Maybe you can display it at a later time so we can read it online?

  10. Chris, Huge congratulations to you! I'm looking forward to picking up the issue and leaving it open on the coffee table, casually of course, to your article. "Chris Beck? Oh, yes, her work is wonderful isn't it. What's that? Oh, yes, that painting on the wall is hers. She's a friend of mine." Seriously, congratulations. Well deserved!

  11. Ok! What a huge spread with such wonderful paintings and an interesting article to go with. Congratulations, Chris.

  12. That's wonderful! Congratulations.

  13. It's amusing to how it feels to "know" someone from blogging. I will make a trip to my book store to find the magazine. I am very pleased for you and look forward to reading it and once again seeing "MOrning Glorious". Congratulations!

  14. Congratulations Chris!! I can't wait to see the article; the attention to your work is hard earned and well deserved. Yea :-)

  15. Again, congratulations, Chris. Yes, I, too, am a proud owner of a Chris Beck original - perhaps I should leave my copy open on the coffee table, too, when friends come over. Of course, if I have friends over that means I'd have to clean...hmmm...what a dilemma! Seriously, the article is fabulous!!!

  16. Well, I've got some catching up to do on comments today!! I posted them as they came in, but didn't have time to respond earlier.

    Thanks, Doris! I think I would get into trouble with copyright if I posted the article online, but if I hear of some way to view it digitally, I'll let you know.

    Hey Irene!! (oops, sorry, I mean Anonymous!!) Good to hear from you!! I love your plan to "casually" display the magazine!! Works for me!!

    Thanks for the compliments, Elizabeth!!

    Thanks, K!! I appreciate your support.

    Joanne -- yes, it is strange to feel that we know each other when we haven't met in person. But we reveal a lot about ourselves on these blogs, so perhaps we know each other better than we think!! I'm still planning to get over to the Olive Hyde gallery to see your paintings.

    Thanks, Terry!! You were one of my first blog supporters and I still appreciate your posting some of my work on your Monday feature last fall. I'll post a note on the blog when the magazine shows up in the stores.

    Hey, Rhonda!! I feel your pain -- having to clean the house to invite people over definitely cuts into my intentions to be a social butterfly too!! ;-D Thanks for all your support over the past months!!

  17. Congratulations. A well deserved honor


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