Saturday, November 9, 2013

My first iPad sketch...

This is a pretty simple little sketch -- my first try at Paper 53.  I just got my first iPad for my birthday, after dithering about getting one for at least a year. I downloaded Paper 53 (free) yesterday, then shelled out a grand total of $9 for the add-on tools and palette and started playing.

I also bought a neat stylus/brush that I'd seen in an art supply catalog recently. I got mine through Amazon and couldn't be more pleased.  It's a Sensu, made by Princeton Brush Co.  The brush isn't essential, but it does give a reasonably good feel of actually painting. The only thing I'd like would be a way to control the size of the stroke, but you just get a single weight line -- good for filling in some color, but not quite as sensitive as a real brush.  This is what the Sensu looks like -- it's like a travel brush, with the brush stored inside the handle.

Although there is a built-in palette with about 15-20 fixed colors, the Color Mixer add-on is a worthwhile addition. It was only a couple of dollars and it works much like the color controls in Photoshop -- slider bars let you control the hue, the saturation, and the value, so you have almost unlimited choices.

All in all, a fun app and the iPad is fantastic. Can't believe it took me so long to take this step!!


  1. Oh Lord, you are way ahead of me . . . I'm just now considering a Smart phone (see how far behind the times I am!). 2 friends with iPads will drive me crazy with them, but it was fun to play with one, just not sure it's necessary for me. Have fun with yours!

    1. Deb, you're saying exactly what I said for ages -- "just not sure I need one." I have to say that the first few days this past week as I got it set up, I wondered if I'd really use it. But I was constantly finding new things to use it for as the week went on. Now I wonder why I dragged my feet so long!!

      We made the jump to smart phones when they put one of the older iPhones on sale a couple of years ago and we love them!! I had infrequent contact with my daughter until I got that phone -- now we text almost daily and share photos, etc. Huge change in our relationship -- not that we were not friends, we just didn't communicate enough.

  2. Hi, Chris!
    Great sketch for your first one! I'm still doing old fashioned watercolor! ;) I am amazed at your talent and energy! I too have ME/CFS & don't seem to get as much done as you. But you inspire me! That helps tons! Thanks!

    1. Hi CC -- Thanks for your comment! I don't plan to abandon my watercolors for the iPad, but it is fun to experiment with it.

      I am not absolutely certain I had CFS, although I did have something very similar. I've been very fortunate that my health has gradually improved over the 15 years since I first began having problems. I'm glad I inspire you and glad you have the energy to paint -- that was a huge part of helping me recover better health.


  3. Your on way with digital painting and sketching! And congratulations on the column - will look forward to reading it. one of these days i will try those gold leaves and see if i can revive a painting too!!!!


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