Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Eau en Couleurs Watercolor Biennial

Chateau de Bourgogne, Estaimbourg, Belgium

The International Watercolour Biennial organized by Eau en Couleurs, the Belgian Watercolour Centre, opened on August 15 at this castle in Belgium. We had excellent weather for the opening day and enjoyed a lovely reception and wonderful dinner with friends old and new. Catherine De Ryck, president of EeC, and exhibition co-organizer Marie-Paule Dupuis did a fantastic job with the show and made us feel most welcome.

I was very pleased to be one of the invited artists representing the National Watercolor Society. Also attending, and shown with me here, were Laura Mitchell, David Poxon, me (Chris Beck), Jill Witty, and Kris Preslan.

My husband Jim took several panoramic shots of the main exhibition hall, where the NWS invitational paintings were displayed. In the first one, NWS paintings are on the left and back walls -- my painting is next to last on the left wall (toward the middle of the photo). The second shot shows NWS works on the right wall and on the small panel near the window (middle of photo). Hanging on the other walls are paintings by members of the jury and some of the juried artists.

The exhibition was hung throughout the second floor, with additional artists from the US included among the juried artists from every part of the world. Here's one of the adjacent rooms.

And lastly, a few photos of the castle grounds -- the first looking out a window in the main hall (taken on a cloudy day later in the weekend) and the second from a room on the other side of the building. The castle is now the property of the City of Estaimpuis and is used for both cultural and private events -- here the grounds are set up for a wedding reception.

 Hope you enjoyed a small peek at the biennial. I spent about 10 days in Belgium and would return in a heartbeat, but that's material for another post!!