Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This week at Brush-Paper-Water...

watercolor, 27" x 16"
Cindy Agan

It's with a great deal of relief that I am posting tonight. I've been looking forward to sharing Cindy Agan's work, but a computer malfunction that occurred late yesterday nearly shut me down. Thanks to Señor Terremoto, computer whiz par excellence, all the materials I needed for her feature were retrieved and moved to another computer.

Cindy's work is striking for many reasons -- design, fabulous color, marvelous painting technique -- and she clearly conveys her passion for her subjects. Another one of the wonderful people I've met through Artcolony, she is a dedicated and successful artist -- she has completed over 200 commissioned portraits in her career, as well as producing competitive work for shows and publications.

Please hop over to Brush-Paper-Water to see more of her work and hop from there to her website.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wherein Nosey explains his absence and invites you to win a mouse...

[Editor's Note: Nosey was quite bereft after hearing that Chubby went home following his little havoc-fest at Jelaine's place -- the full story starts here -- and he moped around for days muttering "but Chubby said we'd be getting the band back together" and "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." He completely refused to work, turning up his nose at every suggestion I had for a challenge painting. I finally coaxed him outside today and he seemed to enjoy romping around on the fence and poking his nose through the vines. I'm hoping he'll be more cooperative now and willing to help me out on this challenge painting.]

Well, hello -- Nosey Mouse here. I see the old lady has filled you in a bit on the past couple of months. So I'm not exactly proud of the way I've been acting, but I'm a sensitive guy -- I don't like getting jerked around -- I thought I had a deal with Chubby, but he just boogied out of there like nobody's business. Not a word of goodbye, nada!!

But enough about me. I'm here to tell you about another fun contest that my buddy Steve has set up. (Hey, Steve -- you probably thought I wasn't paying any attention, but let me tell ya -- that how-long-is-the-snake contest sure got my attention -- like think about it, dude -- what's their favorite food? -- YAH, mousies, that's what!! -- you'd pay attention too!!) Anyway, this new contest is a lot more mouse-friendly. You just have to... well, here, let Steve explain it... (just remember -- you can read about it here, but you have to go to Steve's blog to enter the contest.)

Take it away, Steve!!


There you have it, I've been blathering on for 100 posts!
So I thought I'd have another contest and give away a mouse.

But wait, there's more!

I'm going to give away two mice.

So there's 2 ways you can win...
One normal way anyone can try, and another way you can try if you have a blog.
So if you have a blog, you can try both!

First way to win...

I've just had my new mid sized turtles finished and photographed.

But they don't have any names.

So, whoever comes up with the trio of names for these turtles I like best wins a mouse (the winner can pick any mouse from Sprightly, Nosey and Chubby).

You have to post your names as a comment, or email them if you have trouble with the comment thing working (put 'name that turtle' in the subject line).

They can be any kind of names you like. Descriptive names, like my mice, or actual names, like my tiny bunnies.

As you can see, one turtle is minding its own business, one is quite bold, and one a bit shy.

If, by some strange coincidence someone comes up with the same names as someone else, the earlier poster wins.
If I pick 3 names from 2 or more posts, I'll give it to the person with 2 names I picked, or roll a dice for the winner if it's a name each from three posters.

If it's 3 names in one later post, all of which were posted earlier by separate people, the all in one gets it.
You can have 2 tries each, 3 names per try. So you can have an early go, and hold off for a bit for a second go.

If some other permutation of unforseen strangeness prevails requiring a judging decision, I'll decide as fairly as I can and my decision will be final (hey, it's my blog after all!).

So what are you waiting for!

Name that turtle (and that one, and that one...)!
Deadline is my next post, when I'll announce the winners.

Second way to win...

If you have a blog (it must have existed before today!), you can enter by posting an announcement of this contest with a link to this post on your blog.
Let me know by commenting on this post, or email me ('blog entry' in the subject line) and you'll be in the blog draw for a mouse of your choice (from Nosey, Sprightly and Chubby).

Any bloggers who enter before the end of this weekend (before June 14) gets a double entry - their name goes in the hat twice!

So there you go!
Have fun and good luck!
I'm looking forward to naming my turtles next week (deadline is my next post, when I'll announce the winners).

Click here to go to Steve's blog to enter the contest.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This week at Brush-Paper-Water...

Going Green,
watercolor, 30" x 40"
Paula Fiebich

I had certainly been aware of Paula Fiebich's incredible painting -- "Venetian Gold" -- which won the American Watercolor Society's Gold Medal in 2007, but with my rather poor memory for names, I didn't make the connection immediately when I met her through the Artcolony blog this past year. Needless to say, it was a great delight when I did. Her beautifully designed paintings -- whether her subject is a still-life, a floral, or an architectural detail -- feature wonderful patterns and colors as well as exquisite painting technique. "Going Green" was a finalist in International Artist magazine's recent Floral and Garden competition, and appears in the April/May 2010 issue.

Please pop over to Brush-Paper-Water to see more of her work, including "Venetian Gold."

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This week at Brush-Paper-Water...

Blue Door
watercolor, 12" x 12"
David Poxon

Please link over to Brush-Paper-Water to see the work of British artist David Poxon.