Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This week at Brush-Paper-Water...

Blue Door
watercolor, 12" x 12"
David Poxon

Please link over to Brush-Paper-Water to see the work of British artist David Poxon.


  1. Really beautiful work...thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for taking time to leave a comment, Arti -- glad you enjoy the work!!

  3. Chris, you are adding to my "love this artist" list!! You know I cannot resist blue and orange and rust and old wood and...well, this is just perfect for that. I've been wondering where you've been and would love to see something you have painted soon. Hope you are well, smiling, happy, with a peaceful heart.

  4. Hi Rhonda -- thanks for stopping by!! I've been here, just trying to recover from Open Studios -- I think I'm getting too old to schlep all this stuff out and then repack it!! At least the weather was mellow -- not like the 100 degrees we had a couple of years ago. I'll try to drop you a note offline with more.

  5. Such excitement in a simple subject! The swirls, the colors, the adept use of white as highlights - wow! Love it.

  6. I love his use of color in this painting!


  7. Hey, Dean!! Thanks for stopping in -- I hadn't heard from you in a while, but I've been an almost absent blogger, so figured you'd written me off!! Good to hear from you, and glad you like the painting!!

  8. I love this painting. The rustic appeal of that gorgeous blue and rust.. your work is beautiful. Diana


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