Thursday, May 28, 2009

We interrupt our regular programming...

...for a short rant about Firefox!!!

For weeks, I've been getting the little pop-ups that say Firefox 2-point-whatever is no longer supported, switch to Firefox 3. I fell for this routine sometime last year and the result was that Firefox 3 went into some wormhole in the universe and retrieved bookmarks that dated to early in the reign of William the Conqueror. I finally had to trash the upgraded version and go back to my trusty Firefox 2. I guess they had a change of heart and continued to support version 2 a while longer, but apparently those happy days are over.

My husband had installed Firefox 3 on his computer without incident some months ago, so this morning I finally clicked on the button to download and install Firefox 3. And there it was once again -- a completely different toolbar -- this time filled with bookmarks that haven't seen the light of day since King George II was in power. Back to Firefox 2 for the moment (thank goodness for backups!!) and plotting my next course of action.

We now take you back to your regularly scheduled show...


  1. Oh, doesn't it just frost your cookies when computers won't just remain the same without all these updated new and improved (which means headaches for you and me) programs because, obviously, we don't have enough stress in our lives! I feel your pain!

  2. Amen to that!! Dealing with these kinds of things is almost enough to put me over the edge. I started reading the Firefox troubleshooting guide, which required fluency in Martian as far as I was concerned, and decided that backtracking was my best course of action.


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