Monday, September 22, 2008

More connections...

In my last post, I introduced you to a few new friends from Brushspace. Today, Terry Rafferty was kind enough to feature me on her "Monday Memo" -- a new regular feature on her blog. Thanks so much, Terry!! Please pay her a visit.

Among the other artists I've met on Brushspace in the past few days, Miro Sinovcic stands out for some eye-popping urban scenes. His painting style conveys a sense of shimmering light that infuses each scene with great energy. Do check out his blog!

Take a few minutes to travel around the globe visiting a few more Brushspace artists: Per-Inge Isheden, moving between realism and surrealism, produces works that challenge our complacency as viewers. Larry Brooks, in addition to his fine traditional still-lifes, has a series of "curbside" paintings that blur the line between realism and abstraction. Look closely to see all the details he's incorporated into those images. Joanne Licsko creates oil paintings infused with rich color, but that seem nearly as translucent as watercolors. Jason de Graaf's highly polished realism will wow you with its technical brilliance and intriguing use of subject matter. And last but not least in this list, is Rob Evans, whose apparently commonplace subjects contain an air of mystery and almost otherworldliness.

Enjoy the trip!!

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