Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This week at Brush-Paper-Water...

October Afternoon, 14" x 21"
Robin Purcell

One year ago, I set myself the challenge to expand appreciation for watercolor. Encouraged by Robin Purcell, I began a watercolor showcase blog, Brush-Paper-Water, with Robin as my first featured artist. It has been a wonderful year, full of discoveries: new artists, new approaches to watercolor, and new friends. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to a successful venture. Please pop over to Brush-Paper-Water to see a retrospective slide show featuring one painting by each of the 29 artists whose work appeared on the blog.

I'm looking forward to a new year of sharing watercolors by a whole new bunch of artists. And now I'm going out for a celebratory drink!! Cheers!!


  1. Chris - thank you very much for taking the time and effort necessary to create such an informative blog that generously features the works of others! I've learned a great deal from these postings this year, and look forward to 2010.

  2. It's been a year, already? Good for you, sticking with this and thank you for showcasing so many great watercolor artists and introducing me to many I did not know.

  3. Chris, Happy New Year! What a wonderful job (and lots of effort on your part) showcasing other watercolorists. I was honored to be among them. I especially liked establishing a friendship with you this year. Lucky for me that we are in the same local area.

  4. Thanks, Kathy -- your own blog is a wonderful source of discussion on matters of art -- although I haven't left a comment, I read through your posts and the discussions that follow -- always very interesting!!

    Rhonda, you've been one of my strongest supporters this year -- Thanks for your friendship!!

    Myrna, I'm pleased that we've become friends too!! Your creativity and enthusiasm for experimenting are so wonderfully contagious!!

    Leslie, glad you like Robin's work -- hope you have a chance to view the slide show so you can see all the other fabulous watercolorists who were featured too!!

  5. I absolutely LOVE all of the colors that were pumped into this landscape!


  6. Thanks, Dean. Robin really does a lively interpretation of landscapes - so glad you like it!!


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