Thursday, March 11, 2010

Clearing away a few cobwebs...

It's been a while since I've posted any personal blog news, so I guess I need to do a bit of housekeeping here!! Let's work backwards in time.

I learned last week that my painting "Snail Mail" will be featured on the cover of the upcoming Best of America, Watermedia II book published by Kennedy Publishing. I owe a big thank-you to my buddy Pablo Villicana Lara, who pushed me to enter this competition. In a totally marvelous turn of events, he will be featured on the cover of the second book in this set (it's divided alphabetically). You can learn more about the Best of America series here.

Hollyhocks, 29" x 12"

Back in February, my painting "Hollyhocks" was accepted into the Missouri Watercolor Society's annual national show, which qualified me for signature status in that organization. MoWS also sponsors online shows for members and publishes an informative quarterly journal online.

Dippy Duck - the Sequel, 8" x 8"

I also returned to teaching in February, conducting my first workshop for a group in Capitola, CA. At their request, we spent our day together painting this little ceramic duck. Thanks to all the gals who made this a very enjoyable day for me -- in addition to being wonderful painters, you could open your own restaurant. Thanks for the great lunch!!

And last, but not least, Paul Kasmir bestowed a Sunshine Award on my blog. After discontinuing his previous blog featuring whimsical art, Paul has reappeared and is showing his new abstract works. Please go to his blog and have a look around -- he's got some wonderful new paintings and also a bunch of links to other sections of his site. Rather than passing the award along to just 12 others, I'm going to ask you to pick any of the excellent blogs on my sidebar and pay them a visit.

That's it for tonight. I'll be back soon for the long-promised followup on the masking tutorial.


  1. Well I'm tickled to have stumbled right into your cobwebs. Every time I read something irritating on the web I think I'll stumble back to go...aaah.

  2. Murr!! So glad you stopped by and left a comment. I'm way behind on blog reading, but yours is one of my very favorites!! I'll be back around asap. Glad you stumbled into my cobwebs!!

  3. Thanks for your new comments on my old blog posts!!! (Doesn't take long to get behind in the Blogging World, does it!!)
    Until I see it in print I won't believe it - but I should also have paintings in the BOA book! Congrats on MoWS signature status!
    Thanks for the update on all that you have been up to while you have been absent from the Blogging Sphere!

  4. Hi Deb!! Glad to have such good company in the BOA book!! Congrats!!

    I guess I just have to admit that I can't juggle all the social stuff at once. I started trying to keep up with Facebook, which sucked my time away in a flash. It's good for immediate connections, but the content is pretty redundant -- so-and-so friended so-and-so -- and so on forever!!

  5. Chris, that workshop in Capitola must have been great. Do you have any more California workshops lined up in the future?

  6. Congrats on the recent success. I love the hollyhock painting, it's lovely.

  7. Kathleen, where are you? I'm in the planning stages for a workshop here in the next few months, but I'd also be happy to travel if you have a group interested in doing a workshop.

    Thanks, Crystal!!

  8. I'm in Altadena, Ca (near Pasadena). I will check with some venues in this general area and let you know what I come up with.
    Thanks and congratulations on your recent successes!

  9. Thanks, Kathleen!!

    Let me say congrats on the wonderful article about you in the April issue of Watercolor Artist!! My formerly total-recall brain seems to be on permanent vacation these days, so it took seeing your name a second time to raise a glimmer of recognition. Your work is wonderful -- I'm heading over to your blog and website for a longer look around!!

  10. Thanks Chris!
    Well, I really enjoy your blog and think your watercolors are truly wonderful!

  11. Congratulations!!! Glad I got caught in those cobwebs, too, and so happy for you. My only nitpick is that I'm too far from CA to take your workshop/lessons!!

  12. Thanks, Kathleen! And I'd be happy to discuss workshop topics with you anytime.

    Rhonda, I told another friend who lives in Texas that I'm just about to put in an order for new business cards -- "Have paintbrush, will travel." ;-D Seriously, I'd love to come out and give a workshop anytime.

  13. Chris,

    Thanks for the mention but I did it so you would know you matter not just to me but to alot of us out here in the blogging world. I really think that I (we) in the blogging world need to speak up or is that write up to let others know how nice and great other people and there works are.

    GREAT to see your on the cover of Best of America Watermedia II book WHEN will this be released?? I went to the site but it seems to be acting up I think thats because so many out here in the blogging world are crashing there site because of your mentioning of them.

    Hollyhocks, into the MWS show Congrats that has to win something!!! If it does not win let me know, maybe I can go kick some butt!(LOL)

    Dippy Duck now that you have returned to teaching have you thought of doing a video of one of your classes for the rest of us out here who do not have the good fortune of being able to take a class of yours.

    Thanks Chris!!

  14. Hi Paul -- I understood when you gave me the award that it wasn't for self-promotion, but I think it's only being a good neighbor to say thanks in public!!

    I'm not sure what the production schedule is for the art book, but will post something as soon as I do.

    Re the Hollyhocks -- glad to know you have my back, Paul!! ;-)

    I'm beginning to think along the lines of video instruction, but that's still in the VERY early planning stages. Thanks for the encouragement!!

  15. A cover and signature that is just great! I love your blogs.

  16. Congrats on the magazine cover, Chris!


  17. With no doubts, u are truly talented :)


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