Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This week at Brush-Paper-Water...

watercolor, 14" x 21"
Guy Magallanes

Although we initially met through social networking, Guy Magallanes and I met in person shortly afterwards when I went to a reception at the gallery he and Joyce Faulknor owned. His ebullient, larger-than-life personality is clearly expressed in his watercolors -- from the closeups of bees in roses to the swirling colors of koi. I feel so privileged to have him as a friend -- his personal warmth and his passion for his work is wonderfully uplifting and contagious!!

This is a very special week for Guy -- the first episode of the 14-part instructional TV show that he has done with Joyce Faulknor will air on Saturday, May 8 at 9 a.m. on KCSM-TV, a PBS affiliate in the San Francisco Bay Area. Art2Art is a fun show, featuring the two artists painting the same images, but using different approaches. They are poised to start filming a second season and the show will go nationwide after that series is completed.

Please hop over to Brush-Paper-Water to see more of Guy's work and then link from there to his blog and website.


  1. Wow! Another great watercolorist. Thank you for taking the time to feature these wonderful artists, Chris. I'll take a look at his work.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kathy! Glad you like Guy's work -- I think it's fabulous!!

  3. Guy's work is beautiful! I love the way he handled painting the bees! They are a precious insect these days and lovely subjects! Thanks!

  4. Wow!

    Guy's colors are so intense!

    How come my watercolor don't turn out this good!



  5. Thanks for stopping by, Kathleen and Dean!! Dean, after Guy and Joyce wrap up production on the second series of programs, they'll be on PBS all over the country. You'll have a chance to watch Guy paint and learn the secrets of his success!!


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