Friday, September 23, 2011

Spooky doings...

Señor Zapallo has his sights set on Halloween

This pumpkin reminds me of one of my favorite holiday decorations from my childhood. My mom got a ceramic pumpkin when I was about five or six and it was an autumn fixture for years. I lost sight of it about 10 years ago when it went to one of my siblings. [cue in the whiny voice of a 6-year-old here: "But Mommmmmm, I want that!"] So I'm starting my own tradition this year and hope to include Señor Zapallo in my challenge painting.

What challenge painting, you ask? Oh yeah, the details:

Pablo and I have decided on a Halloween challenge this year. We've sent invitations out to several other artists and hope to have a sweet little scary show for you!! And I've been gathering goodies together and now have a fun stash of vintage Halloween items to play with, thanks to eBay. Stick around and see what happens!!


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