Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spotlight: Sandeep Khedkar

Monsoon Fields
watercolor, 13" x 19"
Sandeep Khedkar

By day, Sandeep Khedkar is a business consultant specializing in management training. But he has also been painting since childhood and, some years ago, began a concerted effort to transform his fascination with watercolor and landscapes into a serious body of work. Working most frequently with a palette of beautifully varied and lively greens, his paintings convey the lushness of the Indian landscape. As part of his creative endeavors, he often composes a short poem inspired by the subject of his painting.

Sandeep was recently part of a three-man show at Darpan Art Gallery in Pune, India. He has a blog -- Inspirations from Nature, a gallery on IAG (Indiaart Gallery), and a gallery/shop on the Fine Art America site. Please stop in to visit all three sites -- you'll find a large collection of his paintings in his two galleries and recent news items and new paintings on his blog.


  1. Lovely fresh colour. I followed your link through to Sandeep's blog. I will be following his words and images from here on. Thank you.

  2. Glad you enjoyed Sandeep's work! Thanks for taking time to leave a comment.


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