Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spotlight: Ramesh Jhawar

Poster Wall
watercolor & collage, 14" x 21"
Ramesh Jhawar

Ramesh Jhawar's interest in color and the play of light and shadow is immediately evident in the works he shares on his blog. From the brilliant colors of an urban street scene to the muted tones of a rural landscape, he skillfully captures the essence of his subject. Ramesh's compositions are strong and he incorporates the details of a subject without losing the freshness that is the hallmark of the watercolor medium.

Although he started out getting a degree in commerce and working in his family business, he was inspired to become a professional painter after taking up oil painting. He has also worked in other media in the past, but now concentrates on watercolor, and he is garnering increasing attention on the international level with inclusion in the most recent issue of the French art magazine, Practique Des Arts.

Please go to Ramesh's blog to see a wonderful collection of his paintings and links to gallery displays of his work.


  1. Thanks a million dear Chris for featuring me on your blog. I really appreciate your taking the time to do this!

  2. You're very welcome, Ramesh! I'm pleased to share your beautiful work!!

  3. Wonderful work! I love it! Headed right over to the blog to check it out!!! Thank you Chris!

  4. Thanks, Jane -- I think you'll enjoy seeing more of Ramesh's works -- he's definitely a master of the watercolor medium!!


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