Monday, August 13, 2012

Come paint with me...

I'm so pleased that Guy Magallanes has asked me to teach a workshop at his studio this fall.  Guy is a wonderful teacher and he's set up a very congenial classroom space at the "shop."  I'm happy to be getting back into teaching and I'm really looking forward to sharing my latest painting techniques.  Please join me for a demo on Saturday, September 15 from 10am to noon.  And I hope to see a bunch of you in the workshop on Saturday–Sunday, October 20–21, from 10am to 4pm.  For more information and to reserve your space, email Guy at:  If you register and pay in full by September 15, Guy will even knock $25 off the workshop fee!!

(You must have some watercolor experience for this workshop.)


  1. This is wonderful! I would love to attend this workshop! I want to attend the demo too but I will be out of town at that time... :-( But I want to attend the workshop!

    I'd like to ask about the content of the workshop -- does every student bring his/her own reference photo and paint from them? Do we all paint from the reference you bring? What would be the subject of your demo in the workshop? Thanks!

  2. I'd be pleased to have you join us. Email Guy and sign up asap. As far as content, Guy's poster only had room for the basic info -- we'll all paint the vintage ceramic duck shown to the right of the poster title. That way everyone gets to use all the techniques, but I'll present options for customizing the background as well. The primary line drawing will be provided ahead of time so students can transfer it to wc paper and be ready to paint on Saturday morning.

  3. Sure wish i could attend this workshop but it is not possible at this time. I also just noticed a comment you left on my pet portrait blog way back in Dec. of 2011. I had not seen it till just now! It pleased me greatly to see what you had written as i am such an admirer of your work. Thanks so much Chris for your comment and for stopping by as you did. Sorry to be more than 8 months late with a reply. Smile!

  4. Well, better late than never, Ross!! ;-D

    If I piled up all the things I've missed over the past few years, I'd be up to my neck!! Glad you found the comment. Thanks for your kind words.

    Congrats on getting into Splash 14!!


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