Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ruddy Duck Demo...

 Last step of the demo -- lifting highlights -- 
taken from the mirror so everything is reversed

 Guy took this photo about halfway back in the studio

The sequence of steps used in the demo

We had a great turnout for my demo at Guy Magallanes's studio this past Saturday -- 27 people showed up for my two-hour presentation and, from his spot in the audience, Guy reports they were mesmerized.  I had a great time showing how I develop one of my paintings of a vintage salt shaker.  Seeing the subject come to life over the course of six panels is almost like time-lapse photography.

The workshop in October is now more than half full and I'm really jazzed about it.  I've got three artists from Southern California coming up for the workshop -- I can't tell you how thrilled I am about that!!  And if someone reading this post is looking for a fun workshop, I'd love to have you join me!!  Contact Guy at for more info and to register.

I'm getting nibbles to teach some other workshops too and I couldn't be happier -- I'm eager to expand my teaching activities!!


  1. What a great demo!! Wish I could have been there. already getting a better sense of scale just from seeing you in the photos. Nice!!

  2. Well, R -- I wish you could have been here too!! I have to point out that these paintings are quite a bit larger than my usual vintage critters. I made them 9x9 rather than the usual 6x6 so people in the back of the room would have a chance of seeing what I was doing. There's something funky about the camera lens too -- I look disproportionately tiny compared to the people in the audience.


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