Sunday, October 21, 2012

Playing around for my workshop...

Duck in progress
watercolor, 8" x 8"
Chris Beck

 Detail of background

I'm in the middle of my two-day workshop and I just wanted to share a fun idea that I came up with while I was preparing my teaching materials.  I often use fabric as a resource for background patterns for my little ceramic creatures, trying to relate the imagery in some way to the subject.  I usually do a direct painting of the patterns, but in the course of experimenting with different techniques this past week,  I stumbled on a really cool way of creating the pattern and wanted to show the results.  I demo'd this in class yesterday and got a very enthusiastic reaction from everyone in the class. Really looking forward to using this in more of my work.


  1. Any hints? I love your work, but am nowhere close, geographically, to taking a workshop.

  2. Glad you like my work, Raye -- I'm going to be including this technique in workshops that I'm trying to schedule in other parts of the country next year. Hope I get to meet you at some point!!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. I love that big rose painting above the display. Is that yours?

  4. Thanks, Diana -- it was fun!! The rose belongs to Guy Magallanes, who hosted the workshop.


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