Friday, October 4, 2013

A Pirate's Ransom...

Capt. Hook
watercolor and gold leaf, 4" x 4"
Chris Beck

After seeing some dynamite paintings of autumn leaves with stunning gold leaf backgrounds by my friend Carrie Waller, I decided to try gold leaf to cover a dull and muddy background (don't ask!) on this painting of one of my vintage salt shakers.  I'm very happy with the results and it reminds me of an icon painting now -- no blasphemy intended.

It's been ages since I used gold leaf, and then it was to cover a little wooden box as a gift for a friend.  I'd forgotten a few things in the intervening years. Such as: don't breathe any heavy sighs of exasperation when things aren't going well because you'll only increase your exasperation as bits of gold leaf in your work area scatter like real-world leaves in a windstorm!! And: be sure you don't inadvertently get any sizing (basically diluted glue) on your fingertips or they'll be gold-leafed along with your art and there'll be little holes in the gold leaf on your painting!!

It was a fun experiment and I may try to do more with this technique, but right now, I need to prep a demo I'm doing next Wednesday for one of the local art leagues.  Hmmm -- wonder if they'd like to see a gold leaf background?


  1. Long time no see! Saw Carrie's posts, also. I've done some gold leaf for accents, forgot what a neat effect it makes. Enjoy the demo - and post it!!!

    1. Hi Deb!! Thanks for stopping to comment. Yes, I've been AWOL for quite a while. I'll post what I can about the demo -- have a fairly short time available so plan to demo a bunch of finishing techniques. I'm excited about it and hope they like it.

  2. Good job, Chris! I like the background, seems to compliment the subject matter. Well done, my friend!!

  3. Thanks, Frank!! Hope you're well.

  4. I love your art, your painting, your personal stylye. I follow you yet.

    1. Thank you, Sergio!! What nice things to hear!! I'm glad you like my art!!


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