Thursday, February 12, 2009

The ghost in the machine...

Señor Terremoto wanted me to call this "Where's Waldo" but I think that's already taken!! So how many silly faces can you find?

In reality, this is titled "Rhapsody in Blue" and will be hung in a group show with works by 20 other members of Allied Artists West. The theme (picked by that committee I mentioned a few posts ago) is "Wet 'n' Wild." Hey, don't look at me -- I was an innocent bystander!! Anyway, I painted all the lines in with iridescent paint to give it that "wild" look, but sadly, they didn't show up in the scan. If you live in the area, stop in to see the show at the Pacific Grove Art Center. It will hang until April 2.

Now on to other matters. I am grateful to Diahn Ott for pointing out that Brush-Paper-Water had been featured in a blog post by Grace Dobush of The Artist's Magazine. To top that off, Diahn gave me my very first blog award and I'm sending the love back her way and forwarding it on too.

I've been thinking all day about what seven things I would list as my favorites. It quickly became apparent that I could have completed the list with various foodstuffs, but that seemed a little lopsided. With a bit more thought, I decided to try to cover all the senses, plus two extras:

I love...
  1. purple crocuses.
  2. dark chocolate.
  3. Mozart's Bassoon Concerto.
  4. apple blossoms.
  5. comfy old clothes.
  6. planning new paintings.
  7. to laugh.
Now, the hard part is picking just seven other bloggers to bless with the award. I passed up several because they just got an award from somebody else (I'm talking about you -- Rhonda, Sheila, and Zelma).
  • Pablo Villicana Lara -- for being an all-around great watercolorist and my challenge painting buddy.
  • Myrna Wacknov -- for sharing your amazing creativity so freely.
  • Diane Hoeptner -- for your fun paintings and for encouragement as I started blogging.
  • Sandy Maudlin -- for your wonderful experiments with watermedia.
  • Lisa Faulkner Wright -- for "old school" memories and wonderful on-location sketches and paintings.
  • Tracy Hall -- for the most incredibly detailed miniature paintings.
  • Brenda York -- for making me giggle with your whimsical paintings.
Say "hi" from me when you stop in to see them!!


  1. Yes, Rhapsody in Blue is perfect. Looking at it is very calming just as looking at a pool of water would be. Love it Chris!

  2. Thanks, Sheila. I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out, despite my silliness about the faces.

  3. Hi, I found your blog through Sheila's and glad I did! I was amazed to see so many different subjects all so well executed on your website. I'll be back soon to see what you're up to next!

  4. Thanks, R. Coincidentally, I just found you yesterday through Sheila's blog too!! I'm a big Photoshop user so will definitely check out your tips for getting the most out of that software.

  5. Thanks your nice note, Chris. I think my followers come from the end of the right hand column, where followers are listed, and click on 'FOLLOW THIS BLOG'. But I see you have a subscrive button on your website, I'll ahve to look into that. I'm still pretty new to blogging.

  6. Hi again, R. There's so much to learn with this blogging biz. I started last spring, but didn't really get into it until this fall. And they keep adding new gadgets, just to keep us on our toes!!

  7. Hi Chris, great blog - however you forgot to add kniiting on your "what you like"-list!!
    Love to you and Jim from

  8. Tanni,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!! I'll have to fix that list too!!

  9. Hi Chris,
    Glad you were able to subscribe! Who knows why it decided to work today.

  10. Hi Chris!hum...I tagged you! Your work is so good...!I couldn't resist!

  11. Hey Fábio!! -- thanks!! Now I'll have to put my thinking cap on.

  12. That's definitely wild'n'wet!

    And Waldo is at the bottom left :-)


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