Sunday, February 8, 2009

The waving frog...

It never fails. Out of random squiggles, a silly image suddenly materializes. This time it's a waving frog. So much for sophistication.


  1. Cool to see the progress from step one to step two with color. Looking forward to the finsihed painting. The frog is cool, too.

  2. The frog pretty much disappeared in the process of painting all the little shapes. But alas, it got too dark overall, so today I'm going to wash off a lot of the paint and see what I can do to rescue this. Never say die!!

  3. Perhaps the frog was in mid-leap, Chris, and now he is gone because he leaped far away? Looking forward to seeing more of this one...

  4. Rhonda, I'm at that stage with this painting where I'd like to leap far away!! It may work, but right now it's really hard to tell.

  5. Love it! Watercolor has such an impact. Such jewel like color.
    Froggie jumped right out at me.


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