Thursday, February 5, 2009

True confessions...

I dislike (...OK, I hate...) painting for a group show when the theme is imposed by a committee and that's where I find myself this week. I won't go into details, but it has to be something with a watery theme -- AND it has to fit a title that I chose a month ago to meet the venue's printing deadline! (Did I just hear someone snicker out there?) I tossed around a few ideas that would have taken me much too long to paint and then inspiration struck.

Some years ago, I found a fun computer program that allowed wild manipulations of an image through various filters. Even better, you could capture the variations as they were morphing and print them. I scanned one of my paintings (of a cabbage) and generated a whole bunch of crazy offspring from it. One of those ended up as a painting entitled "Koi Pond." I took a scan of that painting and ran it through the same program, with even crazier results. But I never actually turned any of the second generation offspring into a painting. There in the idea file they languished, just waiting for me. Fast forward to two days ago -- there I was bent over my drafting table, drawing little squiggles all over my watercolor paper. I spent the better part of today applying Incredible White Mask.

Partial view of painting with resist lines

Tomorrow, I paint!!!


  1. Chris, you left us hanging!!! What is this computer program called and does it work on the Mac? This looks very interesting. I anxiously await the finished painting.

  2. Sorry, Myrna. I didn't mean to be a tease. Yes, it works on a Mac, but it was my understanding that the program was discontinued and no longer available after the original company got bought out. Google Kai SuperGoo for more information.

  3. I'm liking this already, Chris, watching and waiting for color to appear :)

  4. Thanks, Rhonda. I'll keep everybody posted!

  5. I love masking fluid! Such crisp white lines JUST where you want them.


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