Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This week at Brush-Paper-Water...

All Cracked Up X
watercolor, 28" x 19"
Katharine Cartwright

One of Katharine Cartwright's paintings from this Fragility series shared a wall with my painting at the Transparent Watercolor Society of America show last summer and I was sufficiently intrigued to want to know more about her work. She has taken a subject we are familiar with -- broken eggshells -- and has manipulated them into an extended series of paintings. Playing with color and design, she explores mood and the illusion of space in these paintings, inspired by the fragility of life and the uncertain times we find ourselves in today. The series has led to another, Recession, that more explicitly ties the eggshells to our current economic crises through the use of neo-classical allegorical imagery. Katharine also has a series designed to represent the personalities of various wines through the use of still-life objects that to her convey the essential qualities of each wine. The three series are shown on her website.

Please pop over to Brush-Paper-Water to see more about Katharine and follow the link to her blog.


  1. I have seen these paintings at her site and was blown away by the depth, the mood, the light in them.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Mary. Glad you enjoyed Katharine's work!!

  3. Chris I have seen Katharine's work somewhere (magazine?) and thought "Wow". To see more, and to see what she's done since then...more Wow!

  4. Hey, Guy! Glad you liked her work!

  5. Wow, this looks so unusual and neat!!

    Fun, colorful, and imaginative composition by Katharine!


  6. Chris, Thank you very much for featuring my work. Your generosity is overwhelming! And thank you to rest of you for your kind and supportive remarks. It's wonderful when artists support each other.

  7. Kathy, it's my pleasure to shine a spotlight on watercolor by sharing your work and that of many others. Glad you're pleased with the show!!


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