Thursday, March 5, 2009

Challenge #3...

Colonel Mustard
Chris Beck
watercolor, 6" x 6"

Singing in the Rain
Pablo Villicaña Lara
watercolor, 10" x 8"

Pablo and I are fairly casual when it comes to picking a new challenge topic. We float a few ideas and the one that appeals to both of us is the pick of the month. This month we came up with "containers." Pablo stretched the concept a teensy bit, but nobody's complaining because he came up with such a great painting!! In parts of Mexico, frogs are said to bring rain. Do you suppose it's just a coincidence that we've had rain the whole time he's been painting these little music-makers?

My painting features a small pot that I assume was meant for mustard, since it's a bit too small for jam. Another one from my rather largish flock of ceramic birdies, but I've jazzed up the color a bit.


  1. These are so much fun, Chris & Pablo! Congratulations as well on all your show news - I really loved the comment about the kids fingerprints :)

  2. Love the challenges you and Pablo have done so far, looking forward to more! Yours definitely has the smooth feel of ceramic, while his would feel rough in my hand. Congrats on all of your recent exhibits and awards. And thanks for info on the wipes (never heard of them before).

  3. It amazes me how you're able to capture the glaze and subtle sheen of pottery. I have so much to learn.....
    I love the frogs too. They're also a good luck charm.

  4. Thanks Tracy, Deb, and Sheila! We have a good time with these challenges!

  5. Chris, this is so fun! Bright and well, just plain fun :) Never heard of a mustard pot (here in KY we aren't that fancy! ha ha) but if I had to have one, I'd want one just like this. And Pablo's painting this time is wonderful with a great feeling of music - and yes, maybe a touch of rain :)

  6. Hi Rhonda! Well, it's not like I have a mustard pot on my table either -- unless you count the jar straight out of the fridge! So I'm just guessing on this little guy! ;-D

  7. Amazing ! Perfect light, glaze of the pottery, bravo !

  8. Thanks, Helene! Glad you like it.

  9. I love these challenges...and will be stopping by for more...Great vibes here! :)

  10. Hi Margaret! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Glad you liked what you found!

  11. Congratulations on getting into the Richeson show. I love your beautiful work.
    I must get over and visit Pablo, his painting is beautiful.

  12. Chris!

    Great composition and dramatic lighting here!

    Really nice job capturing light in this painting.

    Also, I love the fabric used underneath the frogs. Much more visually interesting that way.



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