Thursday, March 26, 2009

A lovely blog award...

I got to know Rhonda Carpenter several months ago -- another one of the wonderful friendships that has come out of this online community. Rhonda is most definitely passionate about painting and she has honored me by passing her well-deserved "Passion for Painting" award on to me, as well as to several other artists. I had hoped to post a thoughtful list of things I'm passionate about, along with choosing some recipients myself, but today was one of those days when nothing went as planned. So for now, I'm going to acknowledge the award, but I'll have to postpone the lists for a bit. Thank you Rhonda for your friendship and for your enthusiastic appreciation of my work!!


  1. Hey, now, I popped over here to see something about an anniversary - where is the ta-da moment?!?
    Catch you later, girl!

  2. Love your stuff. I was gonna give you this too but saw you already had one.

  3. Thanks, R. I appreciate the thought.


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