Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Go green...

Don't worry -- my blog has not become a satellite office for the home shopping network and this is not intended as a sales pitch, but I got a pack of these cute little disks as part of a gift exchange and promptly discovered how useful they are for watercolor painting.


The disks are about the size of fat nickels and weigh almost nothing. Wetting the disk allows you to unroll it. The cloth is a decent size -- about 9" x 9" -- and you can wipe your brushes on it or use it to blot up paint as you lift it from your paper. You can rinse it clean, squeeze it damp dry and it's good to go again. It's sturdy enough to last for multiple painting sessions and it doesn't appear to leave lint, unlike facial tissues. Plus, they're cellulose, so they're biodegradable. I'd bet that a few of these tossed in your plein air kit would be enough to keep you going for hours.

My friend picked up this 12-pack for a couple of bucks at The Container Store, but you can buy them in bulk packs of either 100 or 500 online. Tell them Chris sent you!! (joking, joking...)


  1. How cool are these! I love buying little fun stuff like this. I'll have to grab me some. Thank you Chris!

  2. The Container Store is a treasure box for little useful things (as well as big expensive ones...). OK, we'll tell them you sent us. "As seen in Chris' Blog".

  3. I'm sure they'll know exactly what you're talking about! Yeah, in my dreams!! ;-D

  4. What a neat idea. I wonder if I can find them in Canada.

    They'll be giving you commission at this rate. 'Endorsed by Chris Beck' :)

  5. Hi Jeanette,
    The company that makes these may be a Canadian company -- the company name is Canawipes and their website talks about doing test marketing in Vancouver. The bulk packs I mention are available through them at quite a reasonable price. (www.canawipe.com)

  6. Hmmm...interesting and very useful little things that won't take up much room. I bet they are fun to open with water, too, sort of unfurling like a little tight bud :)

  7. Rhonda, you guessed the REAL reason these are so cool! ;-D

  8. wow, those are cool!
    They remind me of those little washcloths I buy at Dollar Tree for the Babies. You wet'em and bang it's a wash cloth.
    Dollar Tree does have stores in Canada for Jeanette.


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