Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Give a little green...

Green is the color of the day today, March 17. Many of you will be wearing green and I'm sure there will be plenty of green beer flowing in the pubs. For all I know, they may still dye the Chicago River green, too.

I'm talking about a different kind of green -- the stuff in your wallets. Back in December, I put out a call to donate to your local food bank. The needs are still there, in fact more pressing than ever considering the state of the economy. So please, take a minute today to find your local food bank and make a donation. In most cases, you can donate online in the form of groceries or cash and pay with a credit card. So simple.

Feeding America is a national network of over 200 food banks serving the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Enter your zip code in the Food Bank Locator in the sidebar on their homepage and it will give you a list of food banks in your area. If you live near me, the Santa Clara/San Mateo county food bank is Second Harvest and this link will take you directly to their website.


  1. So true that giving is so much more rewarding and satisfying than receiving. Thanks for encouraging the best in us.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Sandy. I wanted to do something positive to counter all the news of those awful bonuses being handed out at AIG. It's not a big gesture, but I hope my campaign gets a few more donors each time.


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